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MAGDY TAALAB depends on its success not only on the quality of the product, but also on the use of the latest technology, primarily to get closer to the customer and to know his needs and provide the services he needs before asking for the most important technical advice in choosing the design and choosing the shape and selection of raw materials marketing advice for the customer.

We are faster and better than offering full macket printing to our customer. Magdy company is characterized by fast delivery, within 24 hours we can supply carton without Minimum Quantity which we provide you storage carton. We compete with ourselves in the sense that you and your client continue to provide the latest designs, the best materials and the oefrals. Our materials are environmentally friendly especially adhesives. We do not use poisonous materials such as silicates in adhesive. We design our products using GSI (Graphic - Structure - Integration). We have high standards of cleanliness in our factory. It boils down to the highest level of quality to ensure that microorganisms and insects are stored during storage. Warranty replacement for defective boxes.

The history of the corrugated cardboard as narrated by Majdi Taleb

* Reasons for thinking about the polygon cartons industry
 - The most important economic: The amount of wood needed to make a box can be used to make paper, making 5 balls that do the same purpose.
 - Technical reasons and the most important: the strong need for shock absorbers in the packaging of products can be broken.
The first use of polygon paper was recorded in Britain in 1856 and in America in 1871 and was only two layers
For the use of light such as chef's hat and shock absorbers in breakable products. After 3 years in America, the first use of 3-layer cartons was recorded. The first box was manufactured entirely from corrugated paper in 1895 in light parcels. Then came the huge boom in the manufacturing of the polygon in 1914 after a group of manufacturers with a company of iron bars about the lack of carrying boxes of goods has helped the company in its complaint manufacturers of wooden boxes, but the US Internal Trade Commission supported the cartoonists. Between 1923 and 1929 the double cartoon appeared. Egypt knew the corrugated cardboard when the allies brought a machine with them for their own use in the Second World War and then bought it a small paper production company. Until 1956, this machine alongside SINGLE FACER was the foundation of this industry in Egypt. The first major investment in this industry was in 1956, In 1961, two production lines were built in the private sector and were used. In 1972, the government decided to establish a large carton factory for the export of citrus, which was imported from Britain and operated in 1976. In this area logically h Z crisis occurred in the paper in the years 1996 - 1995 on the impact Dechltalaadid of investments in the manufacture of cardboard rather than "Alorkobdon studies until the supply became more than required and with the Chinese Djulktoot at the hands of some unscrupulous importers of machines and investors inexperienced in the field of disaster occurred.